Zooming in: A field inquiry to learn about differentiated practices for sustainable livestock farming in Ecuador

Desk validation and data cleaning

Sample design and access to informants

Meeting with local technicians of the Amazonian Agenda of the Productive Transformation (ATPA) from MAG Sucúa, with the aim of setting a field work schedule using the identification of farmers’ location in a territory. Photo: Emily Wilkinson
Interviewing a cattle farmer in Sucúa Cantón, Morona Santiago province. Photo: Ricardo Araguillin

Responsible data collection

Field interviews and findings

Livestock in paddocks in Cantón Joya de los Sachas. Photo: Ricardo Araguillin
Preservation of water source and wood trees in farms as ecological and economic value. Photo: Ricardo Araguillin
A feeder made with a recycled tire to prevent wasting minerals and salt that otherwise would have been scattered throughout the field for cattle to consume while grazing. Photo: Ricardo Araguillin

The challenges we experienced

Placing a cut gumboot around a calf’s mouth to prevent it from drinking its mothers’ milk so that the farmer can collect it. Photo: Aymé Muzo




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