Tackling digital misinformation with the Healthy Internet Project

The Chrome and Firefox browser extension provides a few ways to flag websites, translated into five languages.

Globally tested, simple tool

The Healthy Internet Project spent the past year building and refining an easy-to-use browser extension with a grand objective: to help make the internet better through crowdsourced moderation. User research and co-creation with people in over ten countries have led to a robust tool, now available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and French. If you have access to a desktop computer, you can add the extension to your browser via either the Chrome or Firefox web stores. A mobile-friendly interface is in the works! On the extension, a quick 5-step onboarding process establishes our shared mission, shares our strict user privacy policy, and demos the tool in context. Then, as you come across sites, articles, or public posts that you find harmful, you can mark, or “flag”, them using the extension. You are able to mark whether the content in question contains lies or manipulation, abuse or harassment, or division or fear. Since good ideas are also out there too, you can flag them to be shared more widely.

Experienced users or “mentors” can review flagged sites and provide feedback to newer users.

An experiment to crowdsource harmful content

How might this curation of the web help such stakeholders better understand and act on the harmful digital content in their communities? All flags are collected into a database accessible to journalists, technology companies, and local thought leaders. We imagine this data can be used in a variety of ways from engaging local communities in discussions on digital misinformation to discovering trends that can be reported on by local news outlets. With the involvement of eight UNDP Accelerator Labs and their local partners, we are thrilled to announce that we will bring a larger and more diverse ecosystem of flaggers, mentors, and database partners to the Healthy Internet Project — communities who can collectively spot, evaluate, and act upon the best and worst of the web. We’re excited to see what we learn together!



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