Seeding collective solutions: working with grassroots communities to build better food systems for everyone

What’s on your plate? Food security falters in many countries, but there is a bumper crop of local solutions!
The UNDP Accelerator Labs’ learning model in action.

SENSING: Can you hear us? Deep listening to understand the complex nature of food systems

In the remote Hushe Valley, rural farmers are adopting the idea that they can create businesses with their abundant food products. Photo: Javeria Masood
A food market in Cusco, Peru, demonstrates the abundance of food Peruvians love, which is in contrast to the level of food insecurity in the country.

EXPLORE: All roads lead to food — navigating inclusive approaches and new data to build a collective response

Informal market vendors hold the key to uncovering the issues of food security in Zimbabwe.
Secondary school students reap the benefits of an institutional organic farm. Credit: Sefano Moon Katz, Pacific Blue Foundation

TESTING: Using local experiments to surface solutions that address access to food, problems of waste, and resilience in crisis

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, food represents cultural heritage, but excessive food waste is a growing concern.

GROWING: Scaling up initiatives to influence policymaking and reduce food waste

The tip of the iceberg in a complex web of food systems




Building the world’s largest learning network around development challenges. 91 Labs in 115 countries.

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UNDP Accelerator Labs

UNDP Accelerator Labs

Building the world’s largest learning network around development challenges. 91 Labs in 115 countries.

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