Frugal Innovations to Accelerate Sustainable Development

Engin Akyurt via Pexels

Placing an educated bet on Grassroots Innovations.

Grassroots Innovations: sustainable by design?

We recognize people living close to the problem have critical knowledge we need to learn from.

As a development organization, we want to lean in more on identifying and learning from local innovators about their home-grown solutions, providing them the support they need and the mechanisms to scale their solutions. Visual Credit: Bas Leurs, Lead Learning Designer, UNDP Accelerator Labs

Grassroots Innovations signal unmet development needs.

The Piso WIFI is a local solution identified by Rex Lor, Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP Philippines Accelerator Lab.

Frugal innovations can seem small, but they can have a huge effect.

Fatima Farouta, Head of Solutions Mapping at UNDP Ghana shares “We embarked on our solutions mapping journey together with Ministry of Environment to find out what solutions are out there. We were flummoxed by the number of solutions we found. There were about 50 local innovators in Ghana who were all creating value out of the waste that they saw.”

Watch this space.



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