Developing a hands-on strategy around scaling social innovation for development

Worldwide distribution of Accelerator Labs which responded to the survey

“We have become, in a short time, something like advisors to both the Presidential Delivery Unit and some offices of the Technical Planning Secretariat. Our challenge is to now catalyze this influence to launch interventions.”

Accelerator Lab Paraguay

Scaling through unusual partners

“The lab organised a Sense Making Workshop on the challenge of Deforestation…and we engaged unusual people like timber loggers, charcoal sellers who are normally regarded as culprits since these businesses are viewed as almost “illegal.”

Accelerator Lab Uganda

Besides the partnership aspect of the work, knowledge sharing is something that was recognized as a factor for success when it comes to scaling. As the Accelerator Labs are a network, it was not surprising to see that the Labs are valuing the sharing of information, insights and experiences within the network and beyond.



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