Deforestation, Cows, and Data: Data Powered Positive Deviance Pilot in Ecuador’s Amazon

A picture of the Amazon Forest. ©Unsplash Fotos
A farm with more forest within its boundaries (orange square) compared to the other two farms next to it. ©Google maps satellite image cantón Sucúa (2021)
(a) Ecuador, Amazon region on the left side of the Andes. (b) Joya de los Sachas (north county) and Sucúa (south county). © UNDP 2020
Cattle grazing in the pasture in the Ecuadorian Amazon. © PROAmazonia (2019)
Cover and use of land in 2015 and 2020. Showing a change in the use of soil in four farms (red rectangles) over five years in Joya de los Sachas. The two small farms preserve the remaining forest while the big farms cut it down. © UNDP 2020.
c) County Joya de los Sachas in nude; (d) Castastral information display used to identify number of farms and boundaries; (e) Vaccination registers (green triangles) overlaying the cadastral data used to know which farms raise cattle. © UNDP 2020
(f) Cover and use of land in 2015 used to learn about the use of the soil at the farm level; (g) Changes in the cover and use of land at the farm level. Data from 2020; (h) Positive deviant farms identified in the county (red dots). © UNDP 2020
Cattle grazing on a farm. © PROAmazonia (2019)



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