A glimpse into LinkedIn data to understand Serbian labour out-migration

Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

Our first moonshot at the Serbia Accelerator Lab: What to do about depopulation

Unpacking the depopulation topic is one of the first areas of work of the Accelerator Lab in Serbia in response to a request from the President’s Office. The complexity of the challenge is extremely high. The Accelerator Lab is helping to produce a synthetic re-framing of this challenge.

We dug into the World Bank’s LinkedIn Dataset

The World Bank Group recently published the data set extracted from employment records from 2015 to 2018 on LinkedIn. This data set was used for our analysis. The World Bank report and the Stanford University research both analysed LinkedIn data to track migration of professionals. LinkedIn Talent Solutions Team also analysed trends in Western Europe.

Early insights to understand brain drain

As expected, according to LinkedIn data, Germany is topping the list of the destination countries in 2018, followed by Austria, United States, United Arab Emirates, Norway and Sweden. In this dataset there are only three countries Serbia is gaining from: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Turkey.



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